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Information for New and Prospective Students

First, let us say welcome to Virginia Tech! We are so excited that you have chosen, or are considering choosing, joining our community. Our Peer Mentoring Program is designed by students to ensure that it best suits real students’ needs. Of surveyed BSPH students, 97% agreed or strongly agreed that this program would have been beneficial to them when they were in your shoes. Every part of the program is designed with you in mind by people who have been in your shoes.

This is a year-long mentoring program designed to empower you to make the most out of your first year at Virginia Tech. Your Peer Mentor will meet with you weekly to make sure that you are thriving and help to address any concerns or challenges you may be encountering, no matter how small!


  • Meet and get to know other BSPH students, both in and outside of your academic year!
  • Establish a community at Virginia Tech that will support you throughout your time here
  • Establish a support system within the program to help with any challenges you may encounter
  • Learn about different professional areas of interest and potential careers in the field of public health
  • Feel confident in your transition to college!


  • Attend regular, informal meetings hosted by your Peer Mentor
    • Academic:
      • Fall: Completion of the Student Success Center’s Self-Paced Academic Success Seminar Canvas Course (~4 hours of work spread over 16 weeks)
      • Spring: Attend at least 1 Student Success Center Academic Success Seminar on a topic that you have room for growth
    • Social
      • Attend 1 BSPH Peer Mentoring Hosted Social Event per semester
    • Professional
      • Attend 1 BSPH Peer Mentoring Hosted Professional Development Event per semester

Time Commitment and Workload

  • Weekly mentor meetings are expected to take 0.5-1 hour per week and other event requirements should take no more than 8 hours spread over the course of the semester. 

If you would like to register to become a mentee, please complete the sign-up at the below link. 

Key Contact Information

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the BSPH Peer Mentoring program, please reach out to our Student Coordinator or Program Liaison!