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    Undergraduate Public Health Program

    Our undergraduate programs in public health include the Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH) degree and an Undergraduate Minor in Public Health. The BSPH degree prepares graduates to work in the public health field in a number of entry-level positions. BSPH students complete 42 credits of public health core courses and 33 credits of free electives. This provides students with the opportunity to select an additional major or minor(s) that complements their academic and professional interests. The Undergraduate Minor in Public Health is helpful to an undergraduate student from another academic program that wants to add a public health perspective to their other major(s) or minor(s). The public health minor includes courses in essential areas of public health practice.

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    Graduate Public Health Programs

    Our graduate programs in public health include the Master of Public Health (MPH) completed as a standalone degree program or in combination with another degree program, including the DVM, MD, and with a PhD or other Master's program from across Virginia Tech. We also offer an accelerated undergraduate to MPH degree program for exceptional Virginia Tech students who wish to start, and double-count, MPH courses during their senior year and finish the MPH in an additional year. For students not wanting to pursue or add another degree, the Graduate Certificate in Public Health is helpful to gain essential knowledge in public health.