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BSPH Peer Mentoring Program

The BSPH Peer Mentoring Program at Virginia Tech is a student-led program designed to foster the academic, social, and professional growth of Public Health undergraduate students. Exemplary students serve as peer mentors for a small group of first-year students, providing additional support for their mentees during their first year at Virginia Tech! This model empowers first-year students to adjust to the college environment, to learn how to take advantage of academic and professional resources, and develops a strong sense of community within the public health program.

Benefits and Outcomes

Participating in this program has strong benefits for first-year students, returning students, and the BSPH community as a whole, including:

  • A greater sense of community among BSPH students that will help to relieve some of the social stress associated with college transition.
  • Create a broad support system for students to help address social, academic, and professional challenges.
  • Foster and celebrate:
    • Academic growth
    • Professional development
    • Career exploration
    • Social adjustment
    • Leadership

Key Contact Information

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the BSPH Peer Mentoring program, please reach out to our Student Coordinator or Program Liaison!