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Accelerated BSPH/MPH Degree Program (for VT public health majors)

The Public Health Program offers an Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH) to Master of Public Health (MPH) Degree Program for exceptional Virginia Tech BSPH (i.e., public health majors) who wish to start taking graduate-level (MPH) coursework during their undergraduate senior year and then finish the MPH degree with just one additional year of study.

If you are not a public health major, you can find information about the Accelerated UG/MPH degree for non-public health majors here

  • Students will apply to the MPH program during the spring of their junior year (March 1) and be admitted to the BSPH/MPH in time to enroll in MPH courses beginning in the fall semester of their senior year.
  • Students will take 12 MPH credits during their senior year that will double-count both for undergraduate and graduate credit. 
    • A minimum grade of B must be earned in each course to be double counted. Courses must not be taken pass-fail if a graded option is available.
  • Applicants must hold an undergraduate GPA of 3.5 in the last 60 credit hours. Applicants with a GPA below a 3.5 may be provisionally accepted, but must have a 3.5 GPA by the end of the spring semester of junior year.  
  • Applicants must apply in spring (March 1) of their junior year.
  • Applicants must submit the complete MPH application through the online Virginia Tech Graduate School admissions website.
    • The Virginia Tech Graduate School waives the application fee for prospective students that meet certain criteria. The waiver criteria can be found here
  • Students will apply for the same year that the bachelor's degree is awarded. 
    • For example, if you graduate in spring 2023, you will select the application round: degree seeking 2023.
  • Application materials include: 
    • Personal statement, 1-2 pages, uploaded in the online application
    • Resume or CV, uploaded in the online application
    • Transcripts, unofficial uploaded in the online application
    • 3 academic or professional letters of recommendation, to be completed in the online application, or mailed or emailed to the department. One letter of recommendation from the student's undergraduate advisor is required. 
  • Selected applicants may be invited for interview prior to final admissions decision.
  • Upon acceptance, complete and submit the Graduate School's Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate Degree and Course Designation form.

Note: This is the current curriculum. The program may revise curriculum based on student feedback, course changes, and other factors.

  • Public health major coursework to take before or during the semester when applying to the accelerated program:
    • HNFE 1004 - Foods, Nutrition, and Exercise
    • PHS 1514 - Personal Health
    • PHS 2004 - Introduction to Public Health
    • CMST 2134 - Introduction to Health Communication
    • HNFE 2664 - Behavioral Theory and Health Promotion
    • PHS 3534 - Drug Education
    • PHS 3014 – Introduction to Environmental Health
    • PHS 3634 - Epidemiologic Concepts of Health and Disease
  • Undergraduate Senior Year
    • Twelve credits total will be taken in the senior year and count to both the undergraduate and graduate degrees. A minimum grade of B must be earned in each course to be double counted. Courses must not be taken pass-fail if a graded option is available. Students will participate in the MPH advisor assignment process Fall of their Undergraduate Senior Year
      • Undergraduate Senior Year – Fall Semester (5 credits)
        • PHS 5054 - Public Health Leadership and Interprofessionalism (2 credits)
        • PHS 5334 - Principles of Infectious Disease (ID concentration) (3 credits) OR PHS 5204 - Principles of Community Health Education (PHE concentration) (3 credits)
      • Undergraduate Senior Year – Spring Semester (7 credits)
        • PHS 5064 - Public Health Program Development and Evaluation (3 credits) (this course counts for PHS 4014 Public Health Program Planning and Evaluation)
        • PHS 5044 - Public Health Policy and Administration (3 credits) (this course counts for PHS 4044 Public Health Policy and Administration)
        • PHS 5935 - Preparation for Public Health Practice I (1 credit)
    • Additionally, the following public health undergraduate courses will be taken at junior or senior standing for only undergraduate credit:
      • PHS 4054 - Concepts in One Health
      • PHS 4064 - Modeling Infectious Diseases
      • PHS 4074 - Practicum in Public Health
      • SOC 4704 - Medical Sociology
      • CMST 4324 Issues in Health Communication (only take if CMST 2134 Introduction to Health Communication was not completed)
  • Summer after Undergraduate Graduation – Officially an MPH student
    • MPH Summer Session
      • PHS 5964 - Public Health Practice Experience (3 credits)
    • MPH Fall Semester (14 credits)
      • PHS 5004 - Foundations of Public Health (1 credit)
      • PHS 5025 - Epidemiology and Quantitative Methods in Public Health I (3 credits)
        Note: This course is held the first half of the semester 
      • PHS 5026 - Epidemiology and Quantitative Methods in Public Health II (3 credits)
        Note: This course is held the second half of the semester
      • PHS 5024 - Epidemiology and Quantitative Methods in Public Health Lab (1 credit)
      • PHS 5014 - Environmental Health (3 credits)
      • PHS 5324 - Public Health Infection Control and Prevention (ID concentration) (3 credits) OR PHS 5XXX - Methods in Community Health Engagement (PHE concentration) (3 credits)
    • MPH Spring Semester (13 credits)
      • PHS 5034 - Health Behavior and Health Education (3 credits)
      • PHS 5314 - Infectious Disease Epidemiology (3 credits) OR PHS 5254 - Social Epidemiology and Health Inequalities (PHE concentration) (3 credits)
      • PHS 5936 - Preparation for Public Health Practice II (1 credit)
      • PHS 5934 - Public Health Integrative Learning Experience (ILE) (3 credits)
      • XXX XXXX - Required elective (3 credits)
  • MPH Degree Completion and Graduation – Total 42 credits