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This is a bibliography of journal papers and major policy reports by Calder and collaborators, notably from the research projects linked here.

See also: Ryan Calder's Google Scholar and CV

2022     RSD Calder, CS Robinson & ME Borsuk. 'Total social costs and benefits of long-distance hydropower transmission' in Environ Sci Technol, vol 56 (24), pp. 17510–22. 

2020     RSD Calder, ME Borsuk & CS Robinson. ‘Analysis of environmental and economic impacts of hydropower imports for New York City through 2050’. Report to the Quebec Ministry of International Relations and La Francophonie. Durham, NC" Duke University Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions. 

2020     RSD Calder, AT Schartup, T Bell & EM Sunderland. ‘Muskrat Falls, methylmercury and Canadian hydroelectric development’ in  S. Crocker & L. Moore (Eds.). Muskrat Falls: How a Mega Dam Became a Predatory Formation. St. John's, Canada: Memorial University Press. 

2019     RSD Calder. ‘Coupled human-natural modeling for hydroelectric development: understanding the health impacts of America's renewable energy imports’ in M. Valerino (Ed.). Case Studies on Energy Access Transitions in the Developing World. Durham, NC: Duke University. 

2016     RSD Calder, AT Schartup, M Li, AP Valberg, PH Balcom & EM Sunderland. ‘Future impacts of hydroelectric power development on methylmercury exposures of Canadian indigenous communities’ in Environ Sci Technol, vol. 50 (23), pp. 13115–22. 

2023    RSD Calder, J McDermid, S Boudreau. 'Drivers of Atlantic herring decline and evidence basis for fisheries closures and rebuilding plans' in Can J Fish Aquat Sci, vol. 80, pp.663-675. 

2021     RSD Calder, C Grady, M Jeuland, CJ Kirchhoff, RL Hale, and RL Muenich. ‘COVID-19 reveals vulnerabilities of the food–energy–water nexus to viral pandemics’ in Environ Sci Technol Lett, vol. 8 (8), pp. 606-15. 

2019     RSD Calder, S Bromage & EM Sunderland. ‘Risk tradeoffs associated with traditional food advisories for Labrador Inuit’ in Environ Res, vol. 168, pp. 496–506. 

2015     RSD Calder & KA Schmitt. ‘Decentralised drinking water regulation: risks, benefits and the hunt for equality in the Canadian context’ in Int J Water, vol. 9 (2), pp. 178–93. 

2010     RSD Calder & KA Schmitt. ‘The Role of detection limits in drinking water regulation’ in Environ Sci Technol, vol. 44 (21), pp. 8008–14. 


2021     T Allen, J Behr, A Bukvic, RSD Calder, […] & JC Zinnert. ‘Anticipating and adapting to the future impacts of climate change on the health, security and welfare of low elevation coastal zone communities in Southeastern USA’ in J Mar Sci Eng, vol. 9 (11): 1196. 

2019     RSD Calder, C Shi, SA Mason, LP Olander & ME Borsuk. ‘Forecasting ecosystem services to guide coastal wetland rehabilitation decisions’ in Ecosyst Serv, vol. 39: 101007. 

2019     RSD Calder, ME Borsuk, SA Mason, LP Olander, A Plantinga & CS Robinson. ‘Assessing ecosystem service benefits from military installations’. Report to the Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program, Dept. of Defense, Washington, D.C. 


2023     RSD Calder & AT Schartup. ‘Geohealth Policy Benefits Are Mediated by Interacting Natural, Engineered, and Social Processes’ in GeoHealth, vol. 7 (9): 2023GH000858.     

2020     RSD Calder, A Alatorre, R Marx, V Mallampalli, SA Mason, LP Olander, M Jeuland & ME Borsuk. ‘Graphical models and the challenge of evidence-based practice in development and sustainability’ in Environ Modell Softw, vol. 130: 104734. 

2019     H Tallis, [...] RSD Calder, [...] & S Zobrist. ‘Aligning evidence generation and use across health, development and environment’ in Curr Opin Env Sust, vol. 39, pp. 81–93.