The Virginia Tech Board of Visitors sets tuition rates for each academic year. Rates for graduate tuition and fees are available from the University Bursar.

The cost of the MPH degree includes regular graduate tuition and fees and an additional MPH Program fee of $262.50 per semester for students enrolled full-time, or $131.25 per semester for students enrolled part-time.


Financial Aid

For information regarding student loans and outside financial support, students may contact the University Scholarships and Financial Aid


Graduate Assistantships

The MPH Program only has a few Graduate Assistantship (GA) and Research Assistant (RA) positions through the Virginia Tech Center for Public Health Practice and Research (CPHPR). The availability and term length of these positions vary. Our MPH students are often able to find GA, RA, and other positions across campus. Opportunities for graduate student funding across campus are posted on the Graduate School website here.