PHS 2004 - Introduction to Public Health - Spring 2018

9:30-10:45 TUTH
Whittemore 300 (WHIT 300)
No prerequisites
Instructor:  Kerry J Redican, MPH, Ph.D., CHES (, 540-231-5743)

An overview course covering:

  • A population health approach to public health;
  • Principles of evidence-based public health programs and tools including¬† health communications, health informatics, applications of social and behavioral sciences, health policy, law and ethics;
  • Methods for addressing non-communicable diseases, communicable disease and environmental-related diseases and injuries;
  • An examination of the U.S. health care system and comparisons with health care systems in other developed countries;
  • An examination of public health institutions and systems at the local/state, federal and global levels;
  • Future public health challenges.¬†
New Spring 2018 Course - PHS 2004 - Intro to Public Health.pdf