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Cam Rose, MPH ('17)

STD Epidemiologist/Grant Coordinator
  • Division of Disease Prevention
  • Virginia Department of Health
Cam Rose

I completed my undergraduate degree in biology and wanted to apply that knowledge to a field that would directly benefit the community. I chose the VT MPH program because of its smaller size and One Health focus. 

In my current role, I’m responsible for coordinating the grant management activities for the STD prevention grant that VDH receives from the CDC. I also provide additional epidemiologic support for the STD surveillance program. 

The comprehensiveness of our program has really helped prepare me for this job. I use information and skills from courses I took for both the Infectious Disease and Public Health Education concentrations, in addition to courses like grant writing and administration. Gaining hands on experience through practicum and working at the Virginia Tech Center for Public Health Practice and Research were also extremely useful preparation. I think employers recognize that the MPH is a dynamic degree, and having it has opened doors that may not have otherwise been open had I pursued a different degree.  

Take advantage of every opportunity that the program offers (especially learning how to use SAS). If you can, consider completing both concentrations, or pick up a graduate certificate. I would also suggest putting a lot of thought into your practicum placement. Your practicum might not align with all of your interests, but it can be a great way to start building connections for potential jobs.