PHA@VT at Relay for Life

In accordance with the University motto “Ut Prosim,” we, the students of the MPH program at Virginia Tech, formed the Public Health Association at Virginia Tech in order to teach others, gain experience, and improve public health across campus and the community at large.

PHA@VT Constitution.pdf

  • Further the professional competencies of students at Virginia Tech through service and educational activities related to public health
  • Offer professional skill-building opportunities to students pursuing an education or career in the field of Public Health
  • Foster a sense of community among students, faculty and alumni
  • Assist in the growth of the One Health initiative at Virginia Tech, and in surrounding communities
  • Collaborate with the college and other stakeholders to promote key public health issues on campus
  • Virginia Tech enrolled undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff.
  • Virginia Tech alumni, defined as those who have graduated from the Master of Public Health program.
  • Associate status may be granted to any person not in the above categories who wishes to participate in organization activities. Subject to approval of the President.